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The power of a shower!

The power of a shower!

July 3rd, 2021

I am one of those fortunate* people who have "transcended" stress. Soldiering on day in and day out without feeling overwhelmed or unfocused is the norm. My concentration is generally laser-sharp and making big decisions comes easy.

Since our renovation project commenced, I have had to vacate all but one room in the house. Living in one room amongst cardboard boxes filled with my belongings with no electricity or hot water (apart from a questionable electric shower) - suddenly stopped being fun. My irritability came as a surprise, perhaps a tiny sign of stress or early warning signs of exhaustion. I have been there, done it and have bought a T-shirt in every colour of the rainbow.

I realised that I have been running around from morning to noon since February with no getaway, no international holiday, no real break at all.

SOLUTION - I booked into a 5-star hotel for one night, mainly to be able to take a long soak in a bath filled with bubbles and experience a shower as strong as a waterfall.

The ability to have an exquisite meal cooked for me and sample a fantastic breakfast after disappearing into a bed - bigger than some rooms - was empowering.

One night may not have been enough, but staying in luxury coupled with hopefully moving into my own newly refurbished accommodation (with its own shower and bath) within the week has lifted my spirits to no end.

I am again filled with a good dose of vision for THE VIEWMOUNT and what we want to achieve. Our establishment can't wait to offer similar "solutions" to tired, stressed out, exhausted people. SOON.

*Note to self - "transcending" stress can be harmful and is not always a sign of fortune/luck.

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