5 Star Boutique B&B, Kingussie, Scotland

The Viewmount is a 5 Star newly refurbished and redecorated Boutique B&B (BB&B) in the Scottish Highlands.

May the forest be with you!

May the forest be with you!

October 27th, 2021

Continuing on the theme of be-leafing in being green at The Viewmount, we have ordered 60 indigenous tree saplings from the Woodland Trust.  We decided not to plant dogwood trees as we aren’t dog friendly so didn’t want the barking!

Did you know that trees are the lungs of our world, sucking harmful carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and helping the natural regulation of greenhouse gases!  We give a hoot and don’t want to pollute.  We are totally rooting for the planet here in Kingussie.

Come and visit us at The Viewmount, the views are tree-mendous.  We won’t take your breath away, we will help you live lung-er!

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