5 Star Boutique B&B, Kingussie, Scotland

The Viewmount is a 5 Star newly refurbished and redecorated Boutique B&B (BB&B) in the Scottish Highlands.

Grand opening 28/12/21

Grand opening 28/12/21

December 28th, 2021

Finally - the cherry on the cake of an incredible year. Our GRAND OPENING.

COVID put a limit on what we could do and unfortunately stopped some people from attending …

Still - we pulled out all the stops, champagne corks were flying and Spud The Piper entertained us as only he could.

Rooms were christened and guests enjoyed for the first time and first hand the offerings of THE VIEWMOUNT.

  • Grampian View (library) - named by Michael Clark (local greenkeeper)

  • Beinn Stuart (lounge) - named after Stuart Jamieson (joiner at RW Bell who was on site from day 1 - 15th February), more than 200 work days

  • The Sharon (accessible bedroom and ensuite on the ground floor) - named after Sharon Tucker, a dear friend and employer who always laughed and saw the positive in people despite many obstacles being placed in her path

  • The Leslie - named after Simon Leslie to commemorate his incredible work to transform the garden by creating terraces and installing the famed LEGO wall

  • The Reid - named after Neil & Owen Reid, the first contractors ever to set foot on the property shortly after I purchased it. They have done too much to be named in one post … and continue to do so!

  • The Bell - named after RW Bell (the company responsible for bringing my dream to life)

We even got a mention in the local press!

Zandra Sinclair opening The Sharon.Grampian ViewNeil & Owen Reid

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