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Chipping away

Chipping away

April 12th, 2021

Even the smallest task has the potential of transforming & improving. I have been tackling the 20 ton mountain of chips over the last couple of days. On day 1 I managed 10 shovels at a time in the wheelbarrow (my spindly arms are shockingly weak!).

After day one I applied the DEEP HEAT thick, relaxed in a bath with Epsom Salt and soothing bubbles and slept like a baby. On day 2 I struggled to handle much, my body was aching all over. I would transport a couple of wheelbarrows' full of chips and then do another menial task in the garden, then back to the chip-shovelling! The -4 degrees did not even feel cold, it was sunny and I was making (slow) progress.

Day 3 - I could physically not lift a shovel, let alone a wheelbarrow! Cleaning inside seemed an easy get-away. Another helping of DEEP HEAT, salts and bubbles must have worked wonders, as on day 4 I felt stronger and relatively ache free and could do 12 shovels of chips at a time.

By the end of the day I have made a visible dent in the 20 ton mountain and the result around the new shed is clearly visible. I am hoping for some mechanical help to move the balance of the chips, but failing that, I'll simply continue. Every wheelbarrow full is progress.

Like the little engine I thought I could, AND I DID!

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