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The Viewmount is a 5 Star newly refurbished and redecorated Boutique B&B (BB&B) in the Scottish Highlands.

Another day, another delivery

Another day, another delivery

September 17th, 2021

The 17 & 18 September were indeed great days as the dump truck arrived to continue with the creation of our Lego block front garden project.  I want to brick free I hear you shout, but I’ll never Lego of you.


The dump truck was filled with pink chips as everyone needs a little pink in their lives, it just makes everything pretty and it isn’t just a colour it’s an attitude!

Pretty in PinkWe have also, with the help of our extremely capable local Greenkeepers (joiners / builders!) (Michael & Craig), created our first of 2 sets of stairways to heaven………well to our beautiful terraces in all honesty. Never trust stairs by the way, they are always up to something. 

We still need to work on the lighting to light up our lives, and the garden of course!

It will soon be thyme to party in our garden so come and visit us at The Viewmount as this is a big dill.

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